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Eye S Line White

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Eye S-Line Lightblue

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Eye S-Line Squash Shoe


The Eye S-Line squash shoe, the squash shoe that in the meantime is worn by many world toppers with both men and women. Eye has made a very good squash shoe with the S-Line. Since the brand focuses 100% on squash, the Eye S-Line squash shoe has been developed for squash. In addition, the price of the squash shoe is also very favorable, which makes it a very good shoe in price and quality.



Pay attention! The size of Eye shoes are strange. Always choose a size larger than you expect

A few tips: Asics 42.5 -> Eye 43 / Asics 44 -> Eye 45

If you have any doubts, please contact the customer service and we will help you. (returns are free)



The Eye S-Line squash shoe is available in many colors. So choose the color that suits you best! A number of colors are specially made for top players. The White Eye S-Line has the signature of Paul "Superman" Coll which plays on these shoes. De Zwarte who came on the market in autumn 2018 is special for Diego Elias.


Torsion Stability

The Eye S-Line is equipped with a torsion stabilizer to keep the shoe as stable as possible during moving. This makes it possible to make the most absurd steps without problems.


Torq Control

The sole of the Eye S-Line squash shoe has a profile that ensures good grip, this is what they call at Eye Torq Control. As a result, even if the shoe does not fully touch the floor, there is still a lot of grip to make your movement grip.


Durable sole

Eye has the S-Line squash shoe with a durable rubber which has a long life on a squash floor. This keeps the grip longer.

PAY ATTENTION! This does not mean that you have to replace your shoes less often. The life of the shoe is determined by the damping. (2x weekly play = 2x new shoes per year)


Biomesh upper body

The upper body of the Eye S-Line squash shoe is made of sturdy mesh material which gives the shoe a good breath. This material is also very light so that the total weight of the shoe is very low.

Drag protection at the toes.

We all know it on the squash court, the wear spots on the front and sides of the outings and dragging with the shoe. Eye has the S-Line squash shoe with a very strong piece of rubber over the nose and inside of the squash shoe.

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