Returns & Exchanges

Start your return request

You can start your return request by clicking on the link below. This can be done both as a registered customer and as an unregistered customer

Keep your order confirmation at hand for the requested information

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Return process

After requesting your return you will receive a response with return label and instructions from us within 48 hours. We process return requests manually, so we need some time for this.

As soon as your return shipment has been received, we will process it within 3 days.

Refunds will be made in the same way as you paid us. Example: if you paid with your credit card, we will refund the amount to that card. This takes several days.

Notice, refunds with Paypal can take up to 2 weeks.

Return conditions

You can return your product at QSS within 30 days, however there are a number of conditions for this.

You must handle the product with care. The product has not been used and is undamaged and provided with the original packaging material labels (if reasonably possible).

You can view the product just like in a store. Example: take the squash racket out of the protective cover and view it from all sides, but do not take it on court and play squash, do not remove the plastic protective film from the handle.

You are possibly liable for the depreciation of a returned product which is determined by our customer service.

In addition: single-used shoes cannot be returned under any circumstances.

Return costs NL-BE-DE

You can return your product free of charge at QSS. You will receive a return label from us to return the product. Print it out and stick it on the box, making sure that the old label is no longer visible.

The label you receive in a return label for PostNL or your local company (visible on the label), you can drop it off at any service point from that company. You will receive a proof of receipt upon delivery, keep it safe until your return has been processed.

If you do not use the label supplied by us, we will not refund the return costs.

Return costs abroad

Returning a product is possible but the shipping costs are for the customer. In some cases you will receive a label from us which we will settle with the refund. It is often cheaper for us to retrieve a package than if you do this yourself. (this choice is up to you)

You can return your package to:

QSS Quality Squash Stores

W.A. Scholtenlaan 163

6865VW Doorwerth

the Netherlands

Of course, in the case of an incorrect delivery or a defective product, the costs are not for you!

Will I get my paid shipping costs back if I return my order?

If you return the entire order, you will receive the shipping costs back. If you keep one or more products, the shipping costs will not be refunded.