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  1. Head Cyber Tour
    €29.95 €24.75
  2. Head Extreme 120
    €67.95 €56.16
  3. Head Extreme 135
    €59.90 €49.50
  4. Head Extreme 145
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Buy head squash racket

Are you looking for a Head squash racket? View our range of Head squash rackets above. Easy to filter on price, weight, balance, level and type of squash rackets.

Head has been supplying high-quality squash rackets for many years. Always equipped with the latest techniques and innovations. Are you looking for a stable, strong and comfortable squash racket then you have the right choice with a Head squash racket.

Head is one of the most innovative producers when it comes to innovative techniques of materials and shapes. This together with the strong quality always ensures a good, sturdy and reliable squash racket.

Known squash players who play with a Head squash racket

Head has many top players for many years who have great successes with Head squash rackets.

Among others former number 1 of the world ranking (PSA) Karim Darwish played with Head squash rackets.

World champion in 2013 (current # 2 dec17 of the world ranking) . Just like other world class players like Omar Mossaad - PSA # 19 Dec 17 (Head Graphene Touch Radical 135 Slimbody),  Joelle King PSA # 9 Dec 17 (Head Graphene 360 Speed Slimbody 135) play with a Head Squash Racket.

Head Slimbody squash racket

Head has also been supplying a slim body variant of the Xenon models since 2015. These slimbody squash rackets have a super slim design which reduces air resistance.

Despite the minimum size of the squash racket frame, these are not weaker than other models.

In 2017, Head also launched Slimbody models from the Graphene Speed Touch models (formerly Cyano). As far as we are concerned, the Head Graphene 360 Speed 120 Slimbody is one of the best squash rackets of the moment.


Good strings and Grips

Head is one of the few manufacturers of squash rackets that deliver a good squash string right from the factory for squash rackets in the competition.

For most squash rackets, Head produces the squash strings by "Ashaway" (praised for the good squash strings) in their own name, color and thickness.

This does not apply to all Head strings, this is the Head Evolution Pro, Head Perfect Power Head Ultranick Pro. The other strings are also of high quality.

The top of the line Head squash rackets are also provided with a good grip, in most cases the Head Hydrasorb PRO.

If you are currently play with a Harrow squash racket and get tired of breaking them avery time, we recommend to watche Head Radical squash rackets. These give a similar (we feel even better) feeling and will have a very longer lifetime without breakage.