My squash racket is broken

You have bought a new squash racket at QSS and unfortunately your squash racket breaks after playing a number of times after purchase. What guarantee does QSS offer? This depends, among other things, on the location of the fracture. If the break is at the top of the squash racket between 9 and 3, there is usually no warranty.

As Tecnifibre puts it so beautifully: "Due to the nature of the game, a squash racket cannot be guaranteed."

As lawyers put it so beautifully: "this depends on the circumstances of the case, in which reasonableness and fairness play a role".

QSS has a lot of experience in this field and can determine very well whether there is a manufacturing defect or an intentional break.

Send us pictures of the fracture and the entire squash racket.

Don’t throw away the racket so it can be sent to us if necessary.

My string was immediately broken.

You have bought a new squash racket at QSS and unfortunately the strings of your squash racket break almost immediately. Depending on where the string is broken, we will be able to respond to this.

For example, if it is on the edge of the squash racket, there is a mishit. There is actually no guarantee on this.

Nevertheless, please contact us. We will look into each case and always come up with a suitable solution for you.

Note: The manufacturers never give a warranty on string breakage.

Other defects

For example, you have a shoe that shows flaws excessively quickly or a zipper of a bag that quickly gives problems. Please contact us directly by email incl. Photos only so we can help you further.

Calling us about this makes no sense, since we need the photos to assess the complaint. If you have any questions you can of course just call ????